Do you suffer from a medical condition which requires having permanent access to your medical file to ensure treatment?

Do you travel frequently for professional or personal reasons and want to be sure to get appropriate treatment in case of a health problem?

Have you just settled in Switzerland for a specific period of time and wish to benefit from the best of local health care network?

MED-NET can provide an appropriate response to all these questions.


What is MED-NET?

  • A facilitator for access to the best specilists wherever you may find yourself

  • A secure medical platform which carries all medical data

  • A way to access to your health file anytime, anywhere, thus facilitating speedy and efficient medical care


How does it work?

  • You make an appointment with one of our team specialists

  • We organise and co-ordinate a tailor-made medical review for you, bringing in other specialists as and if arises

  • We bring together all the test results and put them at your disposal on a portable USB stick 

  • In case you need it (travelling or in case of accident or other mishap), you then have all the medical information 

  • needed for the best care and appropriate treatment.


About Us

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr Claude de Senarclens

Internal medicine specialist, member of FMH. CV

Dr Olivier de Senarclens

General practitioner, member FMH Founder and Medical Director of Vivitas SA. CV